Apex Mapping


apex_01 apex05

Nature and landscape are integral parts of the city of Sherbrooke. The CEGEP’s pavilion number 6 is the city’s tallest building, a vertical tower overlooking the city surrounded by forests, water and mountains. The landscape is reflected in this video, which will attempt symbolically to make the building disappear by becoming a part of its surface and its architecture. In the video, the landscape will be broken up and deconstructed, appearing on the pavilion at sunset, immense and full of light. Nelly-Êve Rajotte is known for her videos, sound art, installations and performances. Through her exploration of the sentient body she examines the relations between sound and the video image in light of the concept of disappearance.

July 31 to August 17 / The Sherbrooke CEGEP student residence tower


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